Invest in Kids Act Under Attack

Tax Credit Scholarship opponents have promised to CUT the program in HALF this May.

In 2017, education leaders from across the state united to improve all education options by passing landmark, equitable public school funding and offering families the opportunity for alternative options to meet their child’s needs. The Invest in Kids Act is a great example of the bipartisanship that can happen in Illinois.

But this year, opponents want to CUT the Tax Credit Scholarship program in HALF in the state budget. Even worse, the plan would prematurely phase out Tax Credit Scholarships. This budget proposal slashes the program—threatening more than 40,000 kids in line for a scholarship, jeopardizing all 7,178 recipients, and immediately denying at least 742 current recipients the chance at a better future.

A majority of Illinois families can count on great public schools that fit their child’s needs, but when this is not the case, too many children with financial challenges are left behind. Some students are stuck in overcrowded classrooms while others are facing closures of their neighborhood schools. Some students need more challenging curriculum, or specialized lessons. Some students need extra help or to find solace in safer environments. A child’s ZIP Code or family’s income should not dictate what choices and opportunities they are afforded.

We know kids only get one chance at a quality education, and we all have a role to play in ensuring this reality for all children. Join us as we remind our leaders how vital Tax Credit Scholarships are to thousands of Illinois families.

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