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My three children – two boys and one girl – attend St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Malakhi is eleven years old (in fifth grade), Mykhais ten (in fourth grade), and Ariana is six (in Kindergarten). I am grateful to be able to send my children to a private school with the help and assistance of the Tax Credit Scholarship Program. 

Life has not always been easy for me. I struggled trying to figure out how to feed my children, clothe them, and provide a stable home. I have always worked twosometimes even three, jobs to survive. I have been in college trying to better my education so I could give my children the best. It is very hard as a single mother with little to no helpbut I try my hardest every day to make the best of it. 

Being able to send my children to a private school where their education is the top priority is why I am working so hard. If these scholarship funds were not available, I would struggle even more trying to make it happen. Empower Illinois has been a blessing for us! It has taken the load off my shoulders to provide a better education for my children, knowing I still have a chance to make life a little bit better for them. I will catch up a little later. Right now, my children succeeding is my main goal. My son wants to become a priest. He receives the knowledge, the guidance, and a great opportunity being in a Catholic school to become just that one day.  

With Empower Illinois providing the financial security we need, I know we will make it just fine. So, Governor Pritzker, I come to you as a parent asking please, do not take away from our children’s future. Some of us are living on a prayer, walking on faith, and hoping that one day we too can make it. It is not easy, but I promise, we will make it TOGETHER! 

Thank you, God bless, and stay safe! 

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