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St. Thomas has prepared me to face challenges ahead because there’s a lot of smart people here. There’s always someone either above you or behind you trying to push you. So it gives you a motivation to get ahead. My parents say that it’s going to get harder as you go on, but you should keep trying. They didn’t really finish their education, so they want us to go farther than they could. They tell us to keep going and that sometimes you need to breathe. St. Thomas is a very good school because the teachers here want you to be on the right path to succeed. – Emmanuella

We hadn’t originally started at St. Thomas. We came in third grade. But going to school with my sister made it easier. My favorite part about being at St. Thomas is the teachers and the students, because they’re always willing to help you when you need it. There’s a very good support system – everybody’s willing to help each other out. The best things my teacher taught me is even though you have to be your individual self, you’re still going to need help throughout your life. I want to say thank you to the donors, because without this scholarship, it would be really hard to continue going to St. Thomas. – Emily

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