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I want to start of my saying how thankful I am that this program has allowed my son to attend St. Thomas of Villanova. He has been attending school there since 1st grade and now he is in 5th grade.

My son has excelled since he started there. The curriculum, teachers, staff and principal challenge our children at their ability level. They meet them where they are at. He is very good at math and science, which are his favorite subjects, and they make sure it’s exciting to learn and he gains the knowledge he needs to succeed. Our school is a STEM school, so they are learning with excellent technology as well and have subjects and clubs focused on those interests. Also, the student-teacher ratio couldn’t be more excellent. They offer small classes with excellent quality education, and it’s nice that the teacher isn’t focused on at least 30 students.

I have severe asthma, which makes it very difficult to work, especially now with COVID. I have not been able to work a full time schedule in awhile and I have been raising my son alone for the most part. Our family has helped me a lot. I chose a Catholic school because, I wanted the same values to be taught at school as at home. I attended public school and not all personalities are cut out to attend a public school. Our school, or as I call them, our family, treats our children as if they are their children. Being a single mom, I wanted the best education, values, morals and adult examples set for my son, and I can’t imagine him at any other school.

The teachers go above and beyond the call of duty. When I had surgery they made sure my son made it to school. During COVID, when he was home and my mom passed away, the priest, social workers, teachers and principle would check on us. I can’t say enough about the stellar education and social and emotional development his school is making sure all of their students are getting. I truly hope legislators are able to see the value of these scholarships and why these are important to our families. Please continue to offer these scholarships so our kids can remain in their best-fit school.

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