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My daughter, Gabriella, has been through some very difficult times. When she was in Kindergarten, I was granted custody of her, and she had to leave her mom and sisters to come live with me. It turned her whole world upside-down, but it was for the best because their home life was very traumatic.

Once under my care, my family decided that Gabriella should attend a Catholic school because we did not want her to have a tough time at school after everything she had been through. My aunt, my uncle, my girlfriend, and Gabriella’s grandmother all pitched in to help with tuition. Although it was hard to scrape the money together, it was worth it because it gave her a great support system both at home and at school. I have four other children who attend public school, and there is definitely a difference in the amount of individual attention Gabriella receives due to her smaller class size.

Now she is in tenth grade at Aurora Central Catholic High School and is doing incredibly well. She is a straight A student, and is involved in several after-school activities, like soccer and basketball. She is already thinking about college and higher education is definitely a priority, but we currently do not have any money saved for that. Receiving a tax credit scholarship would allow me to help save some money for her to attend college.

For anyone considering donating to this program, please know the opportunity to receive a scholarship could really help turn someone’s life around.

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